• Custom modified GSR-24M analog console with motorized fader automation 
  • Various analog and digital gear including SSL, API, and Neve
  • Pro VLA II opto-electronic tube driven vactrol-based compressor/leveling amplifer
  • Large microphone selection
  • Genelec 8040a nearfield monitors
  • Cubase 8, Ableton Live 9, Logic Pro X, Digital Performer 9
  • Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate, Machine 2, Traktor, Kontakt
  • u-He Zebra, Dark Zebra, Diva
  • Waves SSL E-Channel, SSL G-Channel, SSL G-Equalizer, SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, API 2500, API 550a, API 550b, API 560, (Neve) V-Comp, V-EQ3, V-EQ4, EMI TG12345, J37 Tape, REDD.17, REDD.37, Reel ADT, RS56 Passive EQ, King's Microphones, Sound Design Suite, LA-3A Compressor, Pultec EQs, Kramer Master Tape
  • Brainworx bx_digital V2, bx_XL V2, bx_limiter, bx_meter, bx_superspread, bx_stereomaker, bx_tuner, Elysia Alpha Compressor, Maag Audio, EQ4, SPL DrumXChanger, SPL Passeq, SPL Transient Designer, Vertigo VSM-3
  • iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced, Insight Metering, Alloy 2, Nectar 2, Trash 2
  • Magix Am|munition, Am|pulse, Am|track, Am|phibia, Independence, Vandal, VariVerb II, Corvex, Ecox, Filtox, Essential FX Suite, Cleaning & Restoration Suite, LC1, sMax11 limiter, multiband enhancer, EQ116, FFT Filter


  • Magix Sequoia 13 PC system
  • Various outboard gear


  • Doepfer A100 modular analog synth system, A-110 VCO (x2), A-114 Ring Mod., A-115 Audio Divider, A-116 WP VC Waveform Processor, A-138 Mixer (x2), A-120 VCF1 Low Pass Filter, A-106-6 XP VCF 16-fold VC XPander Filter, A-131 VCA EXP. VCA, A-130 VCA Linear VCA, A-190-4 USB/Midi to CV/Gage/Sync Interf., A-148 Dual S&H, A-145 LFO, A-146 LFO2 Variable Waveform LFO, A-160 Clock Divider, A-161 Clock Sequencer, A-180-1 Multiples, A-170 SL Dual Slew Limiter, A-140 ADSR Envelope Generator (x2) 
  • Doepfer LMK4+
  • Jomox MBase 11 Analog Bass Drum Module
  • Flower Electronics Little Boy Blue
  • Flower Electronics Jealous Heart
  • Dave Smith Evolver
  • Elektron Octatrack Sampler
  • Ableton Push
  • Native Instruments Machine 2
  • Native Instruments Machine Mikro
  • Allen & Heath Xone92
  • Allen & Heath K2 (x2)
  • Faderfox UC3
  • Arturia MiniLab
  • Oxygen 8
  • Various custom portable electronic devices


  • 1942 Slingerland Rolling Bomber 14x26, 9x13, 16x16, 7x14
  • 1960's Ludwig Club Date 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, 5x14
  • Ludwig Classic Maple 16x24, 9x13, 16x16
  • Gretsch Round Badge Bop 14x16, 8x12, 14x14
  • 1980's Ludwig Supraphonic 5x14
  • Sonor Jungle Snare 2x10 with Jingles
  • 1930's Slingerland 10x14 Field Drum
  • Metal Dumbek
  • LP Bongos
  • Pete Engelhart metal percussion and many various others


  • Various Zildjain (new and vintage)
  • Spizzichino
  • Many great sounding "junk" cymbals